Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Same Day Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door spring repair

Most homeowners pay very little attention to their overhead door springs. This often results in a spring failure, leaving you trapped inside. In this instance, a professional garage door spring repair is required. There’s no other element in your entire garage door system that is more important for your doors’ safe and efficient operation. Therefore, you should always have your springs inspected and replaced by a professional. That’s why we offer an affordable same-day garage door spring repair service in Calgary.

If you are having an issue with your overhead door, your springs could be at fault. Does your door feel heavy? The opener is unable to lift your door?

Garage door springs have their lifespan, and they do break pretty often. 

With a standard Torsion spring system, your springs are visible, and you can quickly identify a broken spring. However, with Torquemaster, the springs are hidden inside a metal tube, meaning you might have a broken spring without realizing that.

As a workaround for torque master spring failure, we can install a conversion kit and transform your spring system to a standard one. In this case, a homeowner can visually identify the issue and determine if they need garage door spring repair in the future.

Garage Door Springs and Your Safety.


Overhead door springs are tightly wound, meaning they are under a great deal of tension. Being under tension allows them to perform their primary duty, balancing your door’s weight, making your garage door feel very light. We highly recommend you avoid DIY springs replacement, as it can be life-threatening for an untrained individual with little to no knowledge and experience working with garage door springs.

Out of Balance Springs.

The best sign of a well-functioning overhead door is that it opens and closes down smoothly and silently. To test the balance, try operating the door by hand. Disconnect the opener from your door by pulling the safety cable. Make sure you close your door before doing it. If the door is hard to operate, you might need a garage door spring repair service. In fact, you might only need it to get adjusted instead of replaced. A professional garage door technician would determine what type of service is needed in your particular case.

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