Fast Garage Door Repair Cochrane Needs!

No Extra Charge On Weekends, Evenings, or Holidays!

Finally, a fast garage door repair Cochrane needs!

Cochrane garage door repair services

Broken garage door? Don’t let this ruin your day! Garage Door Fix, we know exactly how frustrating it may be when your garage door lets you down, that’s why we offer same day garage door repair service in Cochrane. Having a broken spring, and your car is trapped inside? Maybe your cable broke, and the door is hanging halfway in the air? 


Whatever the issue might be, our team will do our best to get it fixed for you ASAP so you can continue with your day (or night) without stressing about your overhead garage door. 


Thanks to our outstanding customer service, careful planning, and experienced technicians, we can get your garage door up and running again within a few hours of your call., in some cases even sooner than that.  Call us at (587) 200-6787 and find out why we’re the best-rated garage door company not just in Cochrane, but also in Calgary and surrounding areas.

24/7 Garage Door Repair in Cochrane

If we could choose when our garage door breaks down, we would definitely set a special time for that when we don’t have to go to work or have no special plans for the evening. Unfortunately, this is not something we expect to happen, that’s why it always catches us off guard. 


Fortunately, Garage Door Fix has your back! We know how frustrating it can be when you’re running late for a meeting or trying to make it to a special diner, but your garage door breaks and lets you down.


Our team is here for you when you need us most. We offer 24/7 garage door repair services in Cochrane and make sure no customer is left behind. Whether it’s a broken spring, snapped cable, or malfunctioning garage door opener, our best-in-class technicians will make sure your door is up and running as soon as possible. And the best part, there are no extra charges for weekends, evenings or holidays!

Garage door springs repair in Cochrane

Garage door spring repair

Even the best quality garage door springs will eventually break, and when that happens, you’re at a high risk of being trapped inside.


Garage door springs are used to balance the door, which takes the weight off the door, allowing your garage door opener to open and close the door effortlessly. Therefore if one of your springs breaks, your garage door feels extremely heavy, and the opener cannot lift it.


How often do they break? The short answer-it depends… Most standard springs are rated for 10 000 cycles, so the lifespan of your garage door springs will heavily depend on the usage of your door.


If you have a habit of getting in and out of your house through your garage door instead of a front door, you might need to change your springs every 3-5 years. For an average homeowner, they should last between 7 and 10 years on average.


Generally, there is no need to replace your springs before they break. However, if you would like to eliminate the possibility of getting trapped inside, you might ask a professional if he thinks it might be a good idea to replace them beforehand based on the last time your springs were replaced.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair in Cochrane.

Garage Door Repair Calgary

What would we do without a garage door opener? We’ve got used to this amazing yet simple piece of technology.


It keeps us safe by securing the biggest entry point to our house. It keeps us warm, allowing us to stay in the car when the weather gets cold and ugly. Some Liftmaster openers even offer a built-in security camera, which allows you to monitor your garage remotely at all times.


But what happens when our openers give up? Well, you might choose to keep using your garage door manually, which is obviously the most affordable solution, but most people choose to get it fixed or replaced.


While repairing a garage door opener is a viable option, it may not be the most cost-effective solution. There are dozens of moving parts and several electrical components inside a garage door opener, and in most cases, the repair can cost almost 50% of the price of a new unit.


That’s why we usually suggest replacing the malfunctioning unit if it is more than 10 years old, as more components may fail shortly after the repair of the initial issue. Getting a good Liftmaster opener would be the most cost-effective solution, and we will be happy to help you with that!

Garage door cable repair in Cochrane.

Garage door cabler repair in Calgary

Garage door cables, most homeowners don’t pay enough attention and disregard obvious warning signs. This is of the easiest issues one can spot, but often neglected completely until it is too late.


A broken garage door cable can cause many problems, including broken hinges, bent tracks, cracked panels, and more. In some cases, the whole garage door may end up on your vehicle if you keep trying to fix it by pressing the opener button.


If at any point you notice that your garage door isn’t level, please leave it as is a call a professional garage door repair company to get it taken care of. It will be much cheaper and safer to fix before you make it worst.


We cannot stress enough how often we have customers saying that they’ve had a broken garage door cable, and they’ve made it worst by trying to fix it.

Garage door Maintenance in Airdrie

Airdrie garage door maintenance

A smart homeowner knows the value of proper maintenance. It is always cheaper to maintain things to avoid issues instead of neglecting crucial components of your home until they fail. 


Same with garage door maintenance. There are numerous warning signs that a professional technician may spot and take care of before the issue escalated and transforms into a serious and costly repair.


Let’s take cables as an example. If you know what to look for, you will easily identify a garage door cable problem and take care of it before it snaps.


Do yourself a favor and never disregard even minor warning signs that come from your garage door. Is it too noisy? It may only need lubrication, but it may also be caused by broken hinges or rollers, resulting in a complete garage door collapse, causing damage to your vehicles, or even injuring yourself or your family member. 


We offer a garage door maintenance service, which only costs 80$, and that’s 80$ well spent if you consider the value you get from this service.

Why Choose Us for your garage door repair in Cochrane?

We are proud of hundreds of 5-star customer reviews we’ve received over the years. It is the best indicator that we are doing a good job and that you can count on our garage door repair experts in Cochrane.


Certified and experienced technicians that know exactly how to fix your garage door issue. Our experts have all the necessary training to handle any garage door repairs.


Reliable service – our technicians will arrive on time and do their best to get your garage door repair done as fast and efficient as possible. Our primary concern is to do the job professionally. We want to handle any repair right the first time so that everything works flawlessly once we leave. We are not time wasters, which is why our team does its best to be punctual.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Garage Door Fix, we do NOT charge a service call fee. Simply request a service via our website or call (587) 200-6787. Online maintenance requests can be initiated within minutes.

We charge between $125 and $175 per sping, including materials and labor. The price will depend on the size of the spring we'll have to use in order to balance the door properly.

Our standard price for garage door cables replacement is $180+GST. It includes replacement of both cables, bottom brackets, and rollers if those are rusty. In some cases, the price can be higher if your garage door is off tracks and requires other repairs such as hinges and rollers replacement

We only use Lift Master garage door openers as we find them really reliable and cost-effective. The price starts at $640+GST, including parts and labor, and goes up depending on the model and configuration of the garage door opener.

Yes we do, contact us with more information and we'll be able to give you a quote on your new garage door.

A simple garage door service costs only $79+GST and includes garage door lubrication and full inspection. You will get a list of recommendations once the inspection is completed.

We provide garage door repair and installation services across Cochrane and surrounding areas.

Yes, any card works and there are no discounts for cash payments.