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Garage door repair Chestermere

Experiencing Issues with your overhead garage door?  Whether this is something as small as a noise issue when opening and closing, or your cables and springs need replacement, our team at Calgary Garage Door Fix is at your service. Calgary’s best-rated garage door company offers our services in Chestermere at no extra charge, no travel fees, and no extra charges for evenings, weekends, or holidays.


Give us a call today at (403) 990-9536 and find out why we are a leading garage door repair company in Chestermere that property owners throughout the city rely on for years!

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Garage door springs repair in Chestermere.

Garage door repair Chestermere - Springs Repair

Even though most homeowners call us to get their springs repaired, the right terminology would be a garage door replacement and not a repair. When a torsion spring breaks, it has to be replaced, as the reason for the break, for the most part, is metal fatigue.


Most standard springs have a rating of approximately ten thousand cycles, which for some homeowners can be enough to last 10-15 years, while for others, it may only last 5. It all depends on the door’s usage, the more you use it, the faster your spring will break.


Most double-sized garage doors have a pair of springs in order to have them balanced properly, and we always advise replacing both springs at the same time if one of them snaps. 


It is important to understand that if you have a broken garage door spring, but your opener can still lift the door, it doesn’t mean you should keep using it. In fact, you might be looking for an additional costly repair when your opener fails because of the weight of the door.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair in Chestermere.

Garage door repair Chestermere - Opener Repair

Let’s get things straight first. The garage door opener and garage door remote are two different things. Homeowners often call us and ask to replace their “garage door opener,” and only after a while we realize that they’re actually talking about the remote or a “clicker.” 


A garage door opener is an extremely convenient addition to your garage door system. It keeps you from leaving your vehicle and raising or lowering your garage door by hand, it has tons of useful safety and security features, such as auto-lock, safety sensors, and some even have a built-in video camera.


But with the increasing complexity of these devices, so come the often need for garage door opener repair or replacement.


Unfortunately, nothing these days is built to last, and even Liftmaster openers, which are pretty much a “Bentley” in the world of openers, still break pretty often. That’s why you need a trusted and reliable garage door company you can count on. 

Garage door cable repair service in Chestermere

Garage door repair Chestermere - Cable repair

As a homeowner, you need to make sure your garage door cables are in good condition at all times. Otherwise, you might be gambling with your family’s safety and budget.


Replacing the garage door cable before it breaks is the smartest decision you can make. It will be much cheaper to get it done before your garage door gets stuck halfway up with some of your rollers falling off. 


Situations like these are widespread and extremely dangerous. The whole garage door may fall off the trucks and land on your vehicle, or even worst, on yourself or your family member. 


Luckily it is very easy to spot a garage door cable issue. In most instances, your garage door cable will get rusted at the bottom, where the attachment to a bottom bracket is, and if not replaced in time, it’ll snap, causing your garage door to get out of alignment.


Garage door Maintenance Service in Chestermere

Garage door maintenance Chestermere

Ever heard about the saying ” The Greedy Pay Twice?” That usually happens when people try to save money on their garage door repairs or maintenance and kick the can down the road.


Many garage door issues can be prevented by performing standard garage door maintenance. An experienced technician will see the potential problem and will offer preventative measures.


Overhead garage door inspection, tune-up, and lubrication are some of the most overlooked things by most homeowners. It usually ends up being a pretty expensive lesson when the door finally breaks.


We suggest hiring a garage door professional at least once a year and have him inspect and maintain your garage door, and it will save you money in the long run.


At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we will always perform proper garage door maintenance and offer a list of recommendations after each visit.

24/7 Chestermere Garage Door Repair

Unfortunately, we can’t choose the time and day our garage door decides to give up on us, and it usually happens at the worst time you can imagine. A broken garage door spring may get your vehicle trapped inside, and you won’t be able to leave for work early in the morning. A snapped garage door cable won’t let you close your door all the way, leaving all your belongings completely exposed during the night. 

That’s why at Calgary Garage Door Fix, we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repairs to our clients in Chestermere. Give us a call, and one of our technicians will be on his way to fix your garage door issue.

Why Choose Us for your garage door repair?

Ever since day one, Calgary Garage Door Fix has been focused on providing top-quality service to all our clients across Calgary, Chestermere, and the surrounding areas, and here is why you should choose us:

1. Best rated local garage door company with over 500 five-star reviews.

2. Licensed and experienced technicians that will always offer the most cost-effective solution.

3. Fast service to get you back on track ASAP.

4. Transparent pricing. No hidden fees and no service call fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Calgary Garage Door Fix, we do NOT charge a service call fee. Simply request a service via our website or call (403) 990-9536. Online maintenance requests can be initiated within minutes.

We charge between $125 and $175 per sping, including materials and labor. The price will depend on the size of the spring we'll have to use in order to balance the door properly.

Our standard price for garage door cables replacement is $180+GST. It includes replacement of both cables, bottom brackets, and rollers if those are rusty. In some cases, the price can be higher if your garage door is off tracks and requires other repairs such as hinges and rollers replacement

We only use Lift Master garage door openers as we find them really reliable and cost-effective. The price starts at $640+GST, including parts and labor, and goes up depending on the model and configuration of the garage door opener.

Yes we do, contact us with more information and we'll be able to give you a quote on your new garage door.

A simple garage door service costs only $79+GST and includes garage door lubrication and full inspection. You will get a list of recommendations once the inspection is completed.

We provide garage door repair and installation services across Chestermere and surrounding areas.

Yes, any card works and there are no discounts for cash payments.